Squarenotch is a UK based software development company formed in 2012. It consists of a husband and wife team as well as a few carefully selected highly skilled folk. Squarenotch has maintained a consistent revenue stream and an active user base of over 2 million users worldwide. Having spent over five years in the app development world, we have a strong understanding of what works and what doesn’t and know how vital it is to stay up to date with the latest changes in the market. As a company, we believe that when a customer downloads and installs an app, they deserve the same level of customer service as when they purchase a product from a bricks and mortar retail store.

Meet The Team

Jason Parsons (Founder, Developer & Business Strategist)

The work stuff

As a founder and director of the company I wear many hats. From defining a niche in the market, designing, developing and supporting an app to the more business centric roles, each day brings a new challenge and I love it!My technical career started out in web development where I worked for large corporations in the financial and government sectors. Being involved with such companies and having thrown myself in the deep end and surviving a few times I soon realised that my potential was not being met and so began to look at other opportunities.Mobile app development gave me a place to use my programming skills and allowed myself to tap into my playful side and do something fun! Now, many would say that producing utilities is hardly fun but in my case, solving a challenge is always fun. The limitations of mobile devices harks back to when I first started out in programming; 11 years old on a BBC Master Compact. Today its all too easy to produce an application for a desktop computer where memory is pretty much unlimited, but on a device where the user expects things to be instant and work in a way with which they are familiar with technical limitations is a real challenge.App development is not easy and I like that.I also love keeping in touch with the users of our applications. It’s fantastic to know that everyday, millions of people are using something that we created and its always nice to hear how the apps are being used. Every user is unique with their own story to tell – I hear about how the alarm clock finally got their kids out of bed in a morning and how the flashlight app helped a user who was stranded when their car broke down. Utilities are truly useful, not a passing fad and in this I take real pride in ensuring that the apps are kept up to date, new features are added and I personally try my very best to enhance the way people use their mobile technology

The personal stuff

I am married with two beautiful children and live in the finest county in England – Yorkshire. As well as being a tech head, I enjoy the great outdoors and love to cycle, go walking and spend a lot of my time managing my newly obtained garden. Creating Squarenotch (or Zabamobile as it once was) has allowed myself to spend a lot of time with my family and get to see my children grow up – something I missed earlier on whilst commuting and working full time hours and something that now, I am ever so grateful for.I’m big on healthy living and natural remedies and spend a lot of time researching and reading around the subject. I love that I can self heal (and help others too), skipping the queue for the doctors and more importantly know that in the long term, I am building a strong, efficient body to look after my family for (hopefully) many more years to come. “The bunny is powered by Duracell, i’m powered by Vitamin D (D3 specifically)!”I love listening to podcasts, a couple of favourites being The Amp Hour Podcast and the All About Android Podcast. In fact, you could say i’m a bit of a media whore consuming all that I can where I can! You can check out my YouTube subscriptions below.The decision to leave my full time role working for someone else and setting up this business was the best decision I have ever made and I consider myself both lucky and proud to be where I am today. It is because of this I have the drive, motivation and desire to make Squarenotch the best I am able to make it and in the process produce real quality applications for you, the users. It may sound a little soppy but I am a real example of how an idea, more specifically an app can be successful and yes, we aren’t the creators of Angry Birds but for me, in comparison, a little goes a very long way, enough for it to be life changing.

Is That All?!

Yes! Some say we are ‘lean’, we say we are smart. Although we have a large active user base and we are always striving to grow, we know we have to take small steps and manage what we already have effectively. When we created Squarenotch, we set out to create a lifestyle business – something that allowed us to create something of real value and quality but also allowed us to spend time with our families. We have no dreams of becoming a big corporation, instead we value the personal side to business, staying small and working smart. Of course, sometimes there are just too many plates to spin and we don’t possess all the skills required. In order to alleviate these issues, we have selected a few freelancers to work with us on specific projects and we feel this works very well. We are only ever a Skype call away and have successfully completed many projects to date. We have spent the last three years refining our workflows and nurturing the relationships we have built with external providers and are able to grow and shrink our finely tuned team to suit the situation at hand.